Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

"Halloween Halloween Trick or Treat Our Costumes Cant be Beat!" as quoted by our favorite Halloween book this year- Dora the Explorer!

We were so lucky to have G-ma Lor Lor and Baby Jim (aka...Jimmy) in St. Louis this year for the Halloween festivities. We had a blast picking out pumpkins and carving them together. G-ma Lor Lor made some really cute baby pumpkins and Emma & Ava enjoyed scooping out the seeds (and putting them back in :) with Baby Jim!

It was finally time to put on our costumes and we were so excited! Emma was the most perfect Peacock and loved having her face painted! Ava was a sweet little Ladybug and enjoyed picking out candy! As the St. Louis tradition of telling a joke continues, we let Emma tell her own...."knock knock, who's there? Emma. Emma who? Cactus Emma! She also has the same joke in a cloud version :) We first heard the cactus joke on a trip to Arizona...haha! Ava also loved saying her joke....."blah blah blah.....just a joke". Also, a quote from Emma Grace but adopted by baby sister! We had a blast trick or treating around our neighborhood and seeing our neighbors. It was especially fun since G-ma Lor Lor was dressed as a sassy kitty cat and Baby Jim was dressed as The Cat in the Hat! We LOVE YOU!! Thanks for making this Halloween so much FUN!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Friends Forever!

Emma & Claire have been friends long before birth. Mom's good friend Kathleen who she worked with was pregnant with Claire and due 10 weeks before Emma. It was so fun to enjoy pregnancy together every day at work! Emma & Claire were both "little leopards" at school together and the fun has never ended. It is so sweet to see them together for play dates even when they haven't seen each other for months. They are such sweet friends and it's like no time has passed. Now Ava and baby Andrew have joined the crew! We are so lucky to have such great friends. Here is a beautiful fall morning we enjoyed together at the St. Louis Zoo!

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