Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day! The girls sure loved the chocolate Cupid brought their way and new B-Jeweled Pop Arty jewelry. It is amazing all the super fab creations you can come up with.....necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings! If you haven't seen these yet, you must go to Target ASAP. They are fabulous for 1,2 and even 36 year olds :) :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sticker Chart = Motivation = Princess CD Player

Trying to motivate a 3 1/2 year old can be a real challenge but thankfully we have a pediatrician as a dad that came up with the brilliant idea of a sticker chart. Why the pediatric nurse/ stay at home mom didn't think of this??? who knows?? Way to go dad, you're a genius!!

Emma Grace has been having some difficulty with say, going to the potty alone, going to bed, brushing her teeth, sharing with her sister and manners to name a few. She has had her eye on a Disney Princess CD player at Target for some time so we decided to use this as motivation and did it ever work! It did take about a month to earn some 60+ stickers but she did it! We are so proud of you!!

Now we've started a new chart with a Disney Princess tricycle in mind and miss Ava has her own to motivate her to potty! We'll see how it goes. Ava just loves getting the stickers :) :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ava's 2nd Birthday!

more pictures from the fabulous birthday festivities.........

Happy 2nd Birthday AVA!!!

WOW! It is so hard to believe that our baby Ava is already 2!!! Where did the past 2 years go? Ava Elizabeth is such a sweet little girl and she will always be our baby no matter how old she is!! She has the most amazing laugh, loves to take her big sisters toys and run (gallop actually) with them just to hear Emma squeal! She is definitely our "sassy" little girl!!

We had an unbelievable weekend of fun with family and friends. G-ma Lor Lor flew in from Phoenix for the birthday festivities and we had a blast! Ava was super excited for her birthday party to finally be here! She was yelling "my friends, my friends" as people started to arrive and a permanent smile was on her face for the day. We had a giraffe party and G-ma and mommy made the cutest giraffe cake! Dad and Lor Lor made some delicious cheese quesadillas for the kiddos and awesome tortilla soup for the grown ups.

Ava loved hearing the "Happy Birthday" song just for her and big sister Emma helped her blow out the candles. The kids enjoyed playing pin the tail on the giraffe but the giraffe limbo game was the hit of the day. I think Ava just liked holding the pole and hearing the giraffe laugh at her! She was so cute opening her presents with the biggest smile on her face. Just like big sister, Ava received a big girl tricycle for her 2nd birthday. Check out her sweet ride! We think she might need a black leather jacket to go with it.....ha ha!

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family for a fabulous day! We are so blessed!!
Happy Birthday Ava E!! We Love You soooo MUCH!!!

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