Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We were so excited to celebrate Halloween in our fun neighborhood of St. Louis Hills again this year. We are set to close on our house on Nov 5th, so luckily we still get to join in the Halloween festivities!!! Our cowgirls Emma Grace and Ava Elizabeth were ready to go......yee haw!! In the St. Louis tradition, they also had their jokes ready for "trick or treating". Ava's joke "why does a ghost wear a bandaid?" "because he have a boo boo" (with the cutest laugh from her) cute and sweet! Emma's joke "what's a ghost favorite food?" "spookghetti" (with the sweetest smile :)....!
At one point someone said "you all are in big trouble with those cute girls".....yes we are....they are adorable and sweet too!! We might be in trouble, but we are very lucky to have these girls!!

Our sweet friend Maggie and her parents joined us this year which was a special treat!! Check out the photos of our fun!!

Carving Pumpkins with Dad......

Dad is the BEST at helping us carve pumpkins!! It is a Halloween family tradition now and we love to roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty snack too....yum yum!! Check out the fun we had with Dad!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Time Out"

Sometimes a sassy 2 year old needs is a "time out".........such a sad face :( Poor little Ava baby!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picking the "perfect pumpkin"

G-ma Nancy took us to a family farm in Pawnee to pick pumpkins. Paige, Aunt Carrie and Chelsea also came along. What a fun time we had!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


It was sweet to see the cousins passing out bubbles at Aunt Lisa's wedding. It was special too because they were using the baskets from Aunt Lori, Aunt Carrie and my wedding.....

Aunt Lisa says "I DO"!!!

We are so excited for Aunt Lisa who married her prince Damon Myers!!! It was fun to share in their wedding celebration and get to be "bubble girls" with our cousin Paige. She was a beautiful blushing bride and we loved every minute of her wedding day!! We Love You Aunt Lisa!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chloe Elizabeth Culver

So happy to be an Aunt again!! Chloe Elizabeth Culver arrived on September 27th at 6:22pm weighing a sweet 6 pounds and 19 inches long. Emma & Ava were there to welcome their adorable new cousin and enjoyed some play time with Big sister Paige and the rest of the family! Welcome baby Chloe!! We Love You!!!

First Day at Union Preschool!

Little sister is excited too!
Look at our sweet "Preschool Girl"

It was a rainy start to Emma's first day of Preschool but that was OK. She woke up early and ready to go!!! Emma was so EXCITED and it was fun for the whole family to be there for her first day! After dropping Emma off mom became a little overwhelmed with emotion of how quickly the past 4 years have gone by and the fact our little girl is growing up. Only a few tears were shed, but it was a powerful moment. One of mostly happiness but a little sadness too (just for mom). We're so proud of you Emma Grace McGreevy!!!

Emma's Preschool Orientation!

It's so hard to believe Emma is already 4 and ready for Preschool. She has been talking about it for months and so EXCITED orientation day is finally here and she can meet her teacher Mrs. Fresta. Mrs. Fresta was also our sweet friend Maddie's teacher at Union Preschool and to this day is her favorite teacher. Emma walked right in and sat down in her homeroom the "Orange Room" no problem. She had fun meeting her new teacher and other classmates too! It was fun for mom to go with her just this once and what a wonderful feeling when Mrs. Fresta said "Emma seems very confident in a good way". So proud we have raised a beautiful, sweet and confident little girl!

Fun with Uncle Mike & Dan!

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