Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our BIG present from Santa!

We must have been good girls this year! Check out what Santa brought down our chimney!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We enjoyed the holidays more than ever this year! After being gone for a week on the cruise it was amazing to see our girls again and what fun to celebrate Christmas together. We had a wild and crazy Christmas at G-ma Nancy and Papa Charles house. My childhood memories of Christmas include tons of food, tons of family and tons of wrapping paper everywhere!! No matter how hard we try to get all the kids in a row to neatly open presents..... kids will be kids!! They had a blast opening presents, playing with all the new toys and all their cousins. I'm so happy our girls are making some of the same memories I cherish from my childhood!!!

We traveled back to St. Louis in time to celebrate Christmas with our sweet little family. It was awesome to Skye for the first time on Christmas Eve with G-ma Lor Lor, Baby Jim and Uncle Mike. They were able to watch the girls open gifts they had sent which was so fun!! Emma & Ava were having a ball seeing them on the computer!! We're hoping we can do more skyping in the future!! We were also able to Skype with GG and the Gullickson gang!

The girls had a ball getting Santa's milk and cookies ready and decided to try them too! They wanted to make sure they were really a delicious treat! It was so fun to see their excitement on Christmas morning seeing what Santa had brought and opening presents. Emma was still very curious of how Santa actually came down our chimney and brought all the gifts!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. The McGreevys sure did!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hola Mexico!

So the "Best In Laws In The World" decided to treat us to a fabulous Mexican Riviera cruise for Christmas this year! Emma & Ava were first dropped off and settled in with G-ma Nancy and Papa Charles in Oklahoma. Then off we flew to San Diego to board the Holland America Oosterdam! It would later be known as the "Oldsterdam".....wink wink :) :)

What a wonderful week full of lots of sun, fun, relaxation and yummy food! It was my first cruise and I absolutely loved it! We are ready to go again!! Jon and I definitely love Mexico just as much and Laurie & Jim so this trip was perfect! We enjoyed two days at sea to relax and get adjusted with life on the ship. It was fun to go for a jog together, sleep in and really enjoy a meal without being rushed by two little girls!

Our stops included Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. Each was amazing in it's own way and we enjoyed every minute of it. Mazatlan was memorable with the cool pulmonias taxis and a fun shopping trip! Oooh and we can't forget our yummy lunch at Ponchos. Puerto Vallarta was a truly tropical gorgeous city. We had a blast zip lining for the first time!! What a thrill being 400ft in the air over a tropical forest! A yummy margarita at the Cheeky Monkey was exactly what we needed next. We rode back to the ship on a local bus which was a fun experience. It was cool to feel like a local! Cabo San Lucas was a very modern new city. It had the most beautiful water and rock formations! We enjoyed our day whale watching, going to the "worlds smallest bar" and enjoying the beach. Jon and I also took a ride on a banana boat which was super fun!

Thanks again for a wonderful vacation Laurie and Jim! Thanks G-ma Nancy & Papa Charles for watching our precious angels!!! What a sight to see the girls again after being away for a week!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ava's First Haircut!

Baby Ava had her first haircut yesterday and was such a "BIG GIRL". It definitely helped to have our favorite hairdresser Jamie and big sister going first! Ava had the biggest smile on her face and loved having water sprayed on her hair. She kept saying "it tickles"! Let's just say Ava & Emma were like little celebrities for a day at Great Clips!!

Christmas Photo Shoot....

After spending all morning dressing the girls up in their Christmas dresses and taking 56 pictures.....YES, 56 pictures, my loving husband comes home from work to tell me Emma looks like "princess leia" and both girls really need a haircut!! So here is a look at the photo shoot and up next......
Ava's First Haircut!!!

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