Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad turns 33 today! We had a fantastic day. Emma and Tammy made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then we opened presents. Dad had lots of help from some girls. We had an early lunch and then went to the Cupcakery in the CWE for cupcakes and hot chocolate. YUM! We also discovered that new to the Lou is Lululemon. Mom and Dad were stoked! Already planning a January moonlighting for Lulu shift. After returning home, it was family nap time then mom and dad battled on the Wii--thanks grandma lorlor and baby jim. Ava is getting ready for bed now and Emma is getting ready to have Claire (the babysitter) over for a special night. We're off to try Agave...we're hoping that maybe someone will get Mexican food right in this city.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We Love St. Louis Hills

Our neighborhood puts up a large Christmas tree in the middle of the park. It was a cold night and a little drizzle in the air, but the free kettle corn and Starbucks kept out the cold until Santa arrived. Fred Bird, Ms. Clause and Santa arrived at the park on horse and carriage. Emma told Santa that she wanted a big white dollhouse as they walked by...Mom and Dad think she has been a really good girl this year, so I bet Santa comes through. Many Christmas carols were sung and the lights on the Christmas tree were illuminated. Santa also brought 1 reindeer with him...we think it was probably Comet, because it certainly was not Ruduloph. Ava slept through the experience as she was not feeling well, but she was still able to give us a big smile and show off her teeth.

This is a Shoutout To Shep

Shep, I tried some pigtails too! It was totally awesome. We should get together to shop and get our hair done. xoxo Emma

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Another Thanksgiving tradition is putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. Always nice to have Uncle Mike around to lend one more set of hands. We went up to Ted Drewes, the famous ice cream shop just up the street, to show the girls all the Christmas trees. Didn't pick out a tree but did manage to have some yummy ice cream...Mom's favorite is the hot fudge sundae...Dad's favorite is Tedads...and Emma's favorite is PINK! Emma and Ava were lots of help with the decorations. Should be a fun Christmas around the McGreevy household.

Happy Thanksgiving

Uncle Mike, Emma & Ava
Indi & Ava
Josh, Miriam & Lena
Happy Thanksgiving! Uncle Mike flew in on Thanksgiving morning to visit Emma & Ava. We had just enough time to get home unpack and start cooking. Last year, we started a tradition that Mike comes for Thanksgiving and the ER fellows and their families get together. Josh and Miriam were the hosts this year and we were able to lure Indi into joining as well. The food was fantastic and the kids were well behaved...can't ask for more than that.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here lies Emma and Ava's day of fun. We started the day with a leisurely morning. Our friend Claire came over and we baked ghost and pumpkin cookies. The best part was putting on the sprinkles and candy corn for Jack O'Lantern faces. Dad came home for lunch and then we had family nap time...Mom and Dad's favorite! Next, out came the splat mat and pumpkins. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we carved pumpkins in the front yard. Emma was a real helper with gluing the face templates while Ava just liked to look for things to put in her mouth..mostly pumpkin seeds and leaves. It was already time for dinner, so Emma helped Dad pick up a pizza. Then, it was time to get our costumes on. Mom always makes us take lots of pictures and this year was no exception (see forthcoming shutterfly album). Emma was quickly transformed to the cutest Dalmatian on the street and Ava continued to be a sweet little pumpkin. We headed down our block for some trick-or-treating fun. In St. Louis, there is a tradition that kids have to tell jokes to get their candy. Emma's joke was the following: knock knock...who's there (usually repeated by Emma) who....don't cry its just a joke (said very sweet and sincere). It was a gorgeous night and our neighborhood, St. Louis Hills, goes all out for the home decorating contest. Everyone sits in their front lawns with their neighbors, bonfires and cold beverages for the adults. We met our friends the Emkes and Ann for snacks and fun (some even noted that the infamous corn husk shirt didn't make an appearance this year), then it was time to head home. Mom and Dad stayed up way past their bedtime recounting how much fun it was seeing the smiles on their girls' faces and knowing that nothing is better than parenthood!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jungle Boogie

A couple of weeks ago we went to Jungle Boogie at the Zoo. Emma had a blast dancing to the music and showing the giraffes her tummy. Ava had a blast riding in the baby bjorn and just watching that crazy big sister.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dad's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Dad has been working all year on his research project. Here is an interview from the day it started.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here it is, our first attempt at blogging by the McGreevy family. We recently celebrated Emma Grace's 2nd birthday. Emma's favorite part was breaking the, it was really opening the, she really loved eating the white cake. Check out Emma's sweet new ride. Of course, it's pink!

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