Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye Crib....Hello BIG GIRL BED!!!

So I must say I'm a little sad that Ava is no longer in a crib. It made me teary singing to her and putting her to sleep for the last night in her crib. Maybe it's that we might not have any more children or maybe it's the fact that our baby is no longer a baby :(

Ava is officially potty trained and was a rock star training in one week (beating her sister's record of 2) and has officially been climbing out of her crib for 2 months. We had even put a step up to her crib so she would have something to climb out on. was time.....just a little sad for momma.

Luckily, all that sadness went away seeing Ava's face light up when her BIG GIRL bed was put together and hearing her say over and over "I LOVE MY BED"....precious!


MISTY and CO... said...

ahhhh, that is our last step to "Big Girl". we have the bed in the garage but i, too, need a little more time.

where does the time go?

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